Deletion start !

Hi members,

As we expected, most members ignore our warnings and wait for the situation to develop.

Ok, we'll do the job for you.

From this point on, we start deleting images from your accounts.
All images that promote child pornography will be deleted.

We want to highlight a few important facts:

1. As of Monday (11-May-2020) we are returning with rates that are higher than ever.

2. No one will be banned for breaking the rules in the past, but all will be banned if breaking the rules in the future. If you are not sure what is allowed, send us a message first and ask us for advice about images that confuse you.

3. Don't waste time on child pornography anymore (this applies to nude and non nude). There are many 18+ teen pictures that you can show to your clients and make money. We took risks for months, ignoring our own rules and eventually fell into the trap because our advertisers do not want to cooperate. No advertisers = no earnings = no payouts !!!

4. All pending payments will be made, we will not take your money, that would be hypocritical. But if you want to work with us in the future, please follow the rules and work only 18+. If you are unable to do so, stop using our services.

Many of the images we delete are collateral damage as they do not violate the rules, but members have not taken seriously that they can edit their accounts. It is now too late to respond, we are deleting all the pictures on accounts with a large percentage of very young children.

We are aware that now you will have a lot of damaged topics in the forums, your earnings will be reduced, more months of work may have been in vain. Also, keep in mind that the owners of these services have the biggest losses.

We simply want a new and healthy foundation without child pornography and those who understand and respect our decision will continue to work with us.
Those who do not want further cooperation with us - thank you for your trust in the past and wish you all the luck and good profit in the future.

We apologize to everyone for the damage and inconvenience due to this whole situation, but we think we are doing a good thing and we will not give up on our goal. Team

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